Over the past decade, his life drawings have grown into a more stylized line. Building from black pencil to color, his work embodies a simple, clean style with an illustrative quality. In his everyday quest as an artist, Todd searches for the extraordinary in the ordinary. In his art, the simplicity of the human form is transformed by color and emotion. The paintings and sketches on display are trying to capture a “living of life” feeling.

Life drawings are but one facet of Todd’s artistic palette. Expanding into the realm of abstract illustration, Todd finds fascination in the forms of objects we see and use every day; old machinery, or the detail of an engine, and in the eclectic; microcosms reflected in glass, the complex designs and patterns seen in the world of nature and stereochemistry.

From Todd: “I am constantly recording images whether in my head or in my sketchbook. Once I have the basic idea down on paper I can manipulate it almost endlessly until it reaches a point where I can no longer improve it. It’s mature… and I love to share the discovery making art with anyone who has an interest.”

The artwork of Todd Rosenbaum, on display at Velcro Gallery from August 29th to October 2nd, 2011
Open Reception, Saturday September 10th.  5:00pm t 8:00pm