Of course you do. Who wouldn’t?  Especially since we treat the artist so well.  So here are some things you might want to know.

Most galleries charge a hanging fee on top of a high percentage of the sell price of the artwork.  Some galleries even charge a monthly rental fee. Velcro Gallery understands that our space is small and the hours open to the public are limited. Therefore, Velcro gallery will not charge a fee for hanging, or any monthly rental fee. We are artists ourselves. And we LOVE artwork.

In attempts to recover additional income, many galleries require a certain type of framing and then charge to frame your own artwork. The Velcro Gallery has no framing requirement. In fact, you can put up prints with no frame at all.  As long as you can find a way to use Velcro in the hanging process, you fit our hanging / framing requirements. We keep Velcro on hand for you to purchase, but there is no requirement to purchase from us. We only keep it on hand for your convenience.

This can tend to be another profit center for galleries, charging you to bring in clients to show your artwork. While we must charge a small cleanup fee to recover what we pay our own cleanup crew, we do not require any fee to host the event, or require that you purchase any food or drinks from our specific vendors.

Typical gallery commissions are 40% to 50%,  even going as high as 90% on the East Coast. YIKES! Since we are such a unique venue and host a specific type of patron, we don’t get the normal  street foot traffic. That’s ok. We think this is even better.  But since we love art and we do want to share it with the world, and we want to keep the shows coming, our commission rates are dramatically lower. Our 25% commission on the art that sells is even lower than many on-line galleries. That’s right. Our commission is only 25% of the price of each piece that sells. What do you say to that SOHO?

The artwork needs to be sellable. Don’t show art that you are not willing to part with. Heck, why else are we doing this. So every piece needs to have a sell price. But how we work is, you tell us what you want as a net return on that piece, and we will make certain you get at least that amount or more, even after commissions.


•  •  •  •  •  •  WHAT  WE  DO  ASK  FOR •  •  •  •  •  •

First and foremost, that your artwork is hung using Velcro in some method. This prevents us from having to constantly fix our walls. It also gives us the opportunity to say ” Hey, look at this cool way this artist has hung their artwork, come by and check it out”.
And don’t forget, it would be hard to use the name Velcro Gallery if we weren’t using Velcro in our Gallery.

This is an unusual requirement in that we are NOT looking for famous artists. We actually desire to help kick start the careers of the hidden talents. But, we also have a strong desire to help broaden the horizons of people who work in the commercial arts, that have the inner artist inside them that is dying to be set free. So one of the requirements we set is that the artist must work in the commercial art or film industry.  That means anything from a copywriter at a magazine, to an art director at a  major ad firm. Or how about a grip at a TV station. Heck, we even consider ballet dancing and stage/film acting as forms of commercial art.  So when you submit your form, make certain to be honest about where you work in your day job.
We will make exceptions for the following artists: Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Ansel Adams, Andrew Wyeth, Pablo Picaso, Richard Avedon, Georgia O’Keeffe, Normal Rockwell, and basically any dead artists whose artwork is now worth tons more than it was when they were alive.

No real requirement in the type of artwork. As long as it is of good quality and well received by the masses.  It can be small. It can be large. It can be nudes, although that nasty stuff doesn’t fit here. You know what we mean. It can be paintings or prints. All red or B&W. Photographic prints, inkjets or TinTypes. Art is art.  Something that is flat and can be hung. We apologize to all the sculptors out there. We really wish we could hang all the sculpture artwork because we love that too. But for now, all artwork must be either prints or paintings or something that can easily be hung.

Hey, we need to promote. And we can’t do that without names and contact info. Yeah we have our own list, but this is your show, so we need names from you too. If you can’t supply us with a database of at least 50 names with contact info, than it’s not really worth putting on a show is it?  We do our advertising via e-mail, newspapers and social networking.

Yes, you need one. Hey, you do want to show off your artwork, don’t you? So plan on hosting one with a specific time and date. It doesn’t have to be much.  Oh yeah. This will be for an art reception, not a animal frat party.  Just keep that in mind. The reception will always be on a weekend. Saturday or Sunday. Late afternoon to early evening usually works best.

So please like us too. On Facebook, and other social networks. And blog about the gallery with a link to the venue. It’s important in today’s world.

There are a few other details and some legal things that the attorneys put in the contract, but that’s really about it. If you like the idea of showing at the Velcro Gallery, please fill out the form and send us some samples. Let’s see when we can get you in.

Fill out the form and send us a link to some of your artwork.  Download the CONTRACT, for review.  We will take it from there.

For new submissions

For accepted aritists