Submit all artwork to be displayed in the gallery, as digital files that will be shown on the Velcro Gallery website.
Digital files need to be submitted in the following manner:
1 – All files submitted at the same time.

2 – All files submitted with the following naming convention:
The two first letters should be your initials in caps for your first and last names, – then underscore, – then a number representing the order the you want the image to show in,  – then underscore, – followed by the title of the image.  Sample =( ML_1_Beautiful Days)

3 – All files submitted as jpegs, res 8,  to fit into a window of 700px by 700px.  ( Meaning the longest side needs to be exactly 700 pixels.

4 – Files submitted, accompanied by a simple text file the lists:
- Artwork number and Title  To match the number and title in the file naming convention.
- ( edition number if limited addition – i.e. 1/200)
- (new paragraph)  medium ( watercolor, photographic print, etc.)
- (new paragraph) minimum sell price

Send file to: